182 Router Table Box Joint Jig

Jig shown on table from plan 167   This router box joint jig is …. designed to work in a standard router table. The pre-set insert plates make consistent 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” box joints. You simply insert the appropriate router bit and offset template for the size of box joint required. I would suggest having three sacrificial fences to avoid tear-out. The jig locks in the miter track of your router table with a simple tapered head machine bolt in an expandable miter slot guide.… Read More »182 Router Table Box Joint Jig

Groovy Toy Box

007 Groovy Toy Box: Basic Construction

Groovy Toy Box Cut the clutter in your family room with this solid tongue and groovy toy box plan. With the exception of the top and bottom few inches this storage box could be left unglued. Because all of the pieces interlock you could adjust the size of the box by adding or removing slats pieces  as your needs expand or shrink. The slats are all beveled tongue and groove joints (hence the GROOVY) that lock together for for strength and appearance. The lid attaches with a strip of piano hinge.… Read More »007 Groovy Toy Box: Basic Construction

Bandsaw Box

Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy (Free PowerPoint)

 Bandsaw Boxes are fun and easy to make Download the Free PowerPoint presentation below ….. Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy PDF Right Click to download This was a instructional PowerPoint I made awhile back for the Instructable’s Website. It takes you step by step through the process to make bandsaw boxes. If you have never made them before you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by finished product and the amount of time it takes to complete. Use just about any type of material and you will have… Read More »Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy (Free PowerPoint)

Tissue & TP Boxes

151 Bathroom Accessories: Tissue & TP Holders

Bathroom Accessories: Tissue Box Cover & TP Roll Storage Tower These two bathroom accessories started out as a simple drawing. I have been drawing so many beds and large pieces of furniture lately I was looking for a nice simple project that I could complete in a couple of evenings. Then as I got into it I thought this could be a very nice accent project or gift so it became more elaborate as I continued to work on the design. The tissue box cover… Read More »151 Bathroom Accessories: Tissue & TP Holders


110 Strong Box: Security Concerns?

 Keep your Valuables Safe A Strong Box with a Secret A basic build project with security in mind! Now you might ask what’s to keep someone from just taking the whole box and all of its contents. Easily solved by securing it to a larger furniture piece in your campsite. It could be held down with screws from the inside to a table or whatever, meaning the perpetrator would have to drag a large piece of furniture away from your campsite which might be a… Read More »110 Strong Box: Security Concerns?

098 California King Size Folding Bed

California King Size Folding Bed Standard King Size Bed Now Available – Plan # 150 This Box-bed was created and designed by Robert MacPherson to fit a rather strange niche. From the Fine Woodworking Article  Medieval re-enactor MacPherson designed this knockdown bed to be used during his extended trips to Pennsic, an annual event that gat hers more than 10,000 re-enactors and medieval enthusiasts for two weeks of life in the Middle Ages. It is typical for campers at the event to construct elaborate campsites, knockdown… Read More »098 California King Size Folding Bed

Large Mailbox

093 Large Capacity Mailbox

A Large Capacity Mailbox  This mailbox project came about because of my employer. The current unit we have leaks during rain or snow storms. The mailbox is well suited for a business application as the drawer itself is large enough to hold 11 x 17 envelopes. I wanted to create a mailbox where the lid is fixed and the front swings open. Then the contents stay protected except when you are retrieving your mail. Plus there is all kinds of room inside for places that… Read More »093 Large Capacity Mailbox

080 Utilitarian Tool-Chest

Utilitarian Tool-Chest Do you ever wish you had your shop tools organized?  This simple tool-chest might be your answer. This sturdy well designed tool-chest will help put an end to shop clutter. Constructed out of Baltic Birch plywood or an inexpensive hardwood it will provide a home for your regularly used tools. Whether your new tool chest lives on its own roll around cart or on the end of your workbench everything will be within reach when you need it. The tool well on top will… Read More »080 Utilitarian Tool-Chest


076 Portable Dovetail Spline Jig

Portable Dovetail Spline Jig Whenever I make a mitered box or frame I usually add simple splines to reinforce the miter joints. I was looking for something different and came up with a jig to cut dovetail slots on the corners. This project is not really about the box (however it is a nice looking box) :). It’s really about the technique of creating dovetails that act as splines to strengthen the mitered corners. I have included the plans for a simple box in case… Read More »076 Portable Dovetail Spline Jig

057 Flower Pot or Keepsake Box

Flower Pot or Keepsake Box This Flower or plant box is a very basic build project that came about as my better half was trying to find a container to put plants in the bathroom. We have a couple of built in shelves that mount up in the skylight opening. It will also make a very attractive keepsake box if you make the optional lid. I have added an optional lid and decorative molding for those that don’t require a flower pot holder. There are very… Read More »057 Flower Pot or Keepsake Box