107 Knock-Down Chest

  Knock-Down Chest Revised & Updated Oct. 2019 Designed with mobility in mind this chest will come apart for easy transport. It is built similar to assembling a log home or if you remember way back to building with Knex or even Lego (That’s a stretch :). Each piece interlocks with the preceding board. It was designed to hold a modern cooler within the chest so it is out of site. There is also room for dry goods storage both in the chest and on… Read More »107 Knock-Down Chest

102 Single Folding Bed

Single Folding Bed Revised and Updated September 2019  At the request of several members of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) organization I have designed a smaller (30” x 77”) version of the single bed in a box. The bed is designed to look like its big brothers plan #098 & #099 yet be made for a single user. A lot of the construction details are the same, especially the corner legs, however how the bed folds and converts into a bench are completely different.… Read More »102 Single Folding Bed

Double Folding Bed V2 #148

Double Size Folding Bed At the request of several woodworkers I have completely re-vamped the double size bed in a box. If would prefer the original double sized Bed in a Box you can find it HERE A standard double (full) size mattress measures  53″ x 74 1/2″ (134.5 x 189 cm) The lid (top) and locking handles store away inside when in bed mode and then drops into place when in box mode. As with the original version the box halves are locked together with a… Read More »Double Folding Bed V2 #148

111 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 1

  Queen Size Folding Bed End Folding VERSION Now Available …… Plan # 149 After several requests from interested visitors to the site and previous clients I have finally completed the plan for the Queen size Bed-In-A-Box. Very similar in design to the double sized bed with the removable middle side rail which then collapse in on itself for transporting. It amazes me how a few inches added or subtracted changes so many components within a project. I have also addressed an issue that dealt… Read More »111 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 1

149 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 2

March 2019 Queen Size Folding Bed V2 The new style queen size bed in a box has eliminated several of the concerns some folks had with the original queen bed. The joiner boards on the side rails have been removed and the number of dovetails on the bed slats, in the original plan, have been reduced to a total of four. The original plan called for the bed to collapse across its width now it folds along the head to foot. Four of the strap… Read More »149 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 2

150 Standard King Folding Bed

Standard King Size Folding Bed (Mattress Size 76″ x 80″ or 193 x 202 cm) Since the first Bed in a Box plan that was created back in 2013 with permission of the originator Robert MacPherson I have been asked for a standard king sized bed. However until now I couldn’t figure out how to have that size of bed fold-up and store all of the components inside so I could call it a Bed in a Box. While working on some newer models like the… Read More »150 Standard King Folding Bed

Twin Bed

142 Twin Folding Bed (formerly Bed in a Box)

TWIN Folding Bed To complete the line of Bed in a box designs and at the request of followers of the website I have finalized the Twin bed. The twin bed is designed to hold a mattress which is 38” x 74 ½”. This size worked out perfectly it even has extra storage space when the unit is in the box configuration. I increased the slat size to ¾” thick because of the extra width without a center support. I also cut down on the… Read More »142 Twin Folding Bed (formerly Bed in a Box)

079 Curved Step Stool

Curved Step Stool I recently saw a curved step stool in a woodworking magazine and really liked the look of the design. It had curved stretchers between the steps and I wanted to make something more utilitarian so this was the result. I wanted the step stool to curve 90 degrees as you climbed up however I wanted it to collapse so it could take up less of a footprint when it wasn’t in use. The post that the steps swing on had to be… Read More »079 Curved Step Stool