Entryway Bench #153

There is a restaurant nearby that I frequent. I saw a bench similar to this in their entryway. I took a couple of pictures, came home and started to create my version of the entryway bench. There are several variables with any build. You could certainly simplify the legs, just make a gentle curve or leave them rectangular. I also added an optional drawer that hangs below the bench for storage. Templates are provided to make laying out the curves easier. The rungs (dowels) in… Read More »Entryway Bench #153

Barn Board Buffet

166 Barn Board Buffet with Sliding Barn Door

The Barn Board Buffet was built at the request of a family member. They were looking for something unique that made use of sliding door hardware similar to what would have been used years ago for a barn door. I managed to acquire some floor boards and regular barn boards out of an old barn that was in the vicinity. Be careful when using this type of material as you never know what might be hiding under all of the layers of dirt. I pressure… Read More »166 Barn Board Buffet with Sliding Barn Door

149 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 2

March 2019 Queen Size Folding Bed V2 The new style queen size bed in a box has eliminated several of the concerns some folks had with the original queen bed. The joiner boards on the side rails have been removed and the number of dovetails on the bed slats, in the original plan, have been reduced to a total of four. The original plan called for the bed to collapse across its width now it folds along the head to foot. Four of the strap… Read More »149 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 2

150 Standard King Folding Bed

Standard King Size Folding Bed (Mattress Size 76″ x 80″ or 193 x 202 cm) Since the first Bed in a Box plan that was created back in 2013 with permission of the originator Robert MacPherson I have been asked for a standard king sized bed. However until now I couldn’t figure out how to have that size of bed fold-up and store all of the components inside so I could call it a Bed in a Box. While working on some newer models like the… Read More »150 Standard King Folding Bed

130 Telephone Cabinet

Telephone Table I recently had a request from a friend, for a simple table to place their telephone on in their family room. The following is what we decided on. I didn’t think many people still had stationary phones but even if you don’t it would be a useful table in other areas of the home. Simple clean lines, yet sturdy mortise and tenon joinery in a frame and panel design. The ½” panel tongues are wider than the grooves that they fit into leaving… Read More »130 Telephone Cabinet

Shawn’s Corner Cabinet

Shawn sent me a picture of the corner cabinet he is currently building. This cabinet according to Shawn is his first project, pretty amazing work for a first furniture piece. Shawn, like a lot of us is a weekend woodworker, however he promises to send more photos as he finishes off the cabinet. Here’s what Shawn had to say ….. It is knotty pine as the face material and rustic hickory as the secondary plywood material. I am adding doors with glass panels to the… Read More »Shawn’s Corner Cabinet

123 A Simple Bench

A Simple Bench I came across a picture of this very simple bench. The bench is small enough that it would fit nicely in an entrance way and great place to sit and put on or take off your outdoor footwear. The design consists of only four parts and a total of seven pieces so the bench project could easily be completed in a weekend with the exception of the final finishing. This would make a great getting started in woodworking project as well as… Read More »123 A Simple Bench