KD Queen

115 Knock Down Queen Bed: Easy disassembly

Knock Down Queen Size Bed Updated & Revised October 2019 As an alternative to all of the Bed-In-A-Box plans I thought I would draw up a plan that is not as complex and is less expensive to build than the fold up versions. This knock down queen size bed can be built using standard home center materials, namely 2 x 4’s and 5/4 decking boards. This bed will disassemble into 4 main pieces plus the slat boards. The construction lumber should be flattened and smoothed… Read More »115 Knock Down Queen Bed: Easy disassembly

119 Throne: Fit for a Lord or Lady

Updated THRONE Fit for a Lord or Lady I was searching for ideas that I thought might be useful to re-creators of times gone by when I came across a picture of a throne similar to this. I still wanted the throne to be transportable so I added the through tenons with the locking pins which should do the trick. The chair breaks down into 4 sub-assemblies so moving it from camp to camp shouldn’t be an issue. Woodworkers for centuries have depended on the… Read More »119 Throne: Fit for a Lord or Lady

111 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 1

  Queen Size Folding Bed End Folding VERSION Now Available …… Plan # 149 After several requests from interested visitors to the site and previous clients I have finally completed the plan for the Queen size Bed-In-A-Box. Very similar in design to the double sized bed with the removable middle side rail which then collapse in on itself for transporting. It amazes me how a few inches added or subtracted changes so many components within a project. I have also addressed an issue that dealt… Read More »111 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 1

149 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 2

March 2019 Queen Size Folding Bed V2 The new style queen size bed in a box has eliminated several of the concerns some folks had with the original queen bed. The joiner boards on the side rails have been removed and the number of dovetails on the bed slats, in the original plan, have been reduced to a total of four. The original plan called for the bed to collapse across its width now it folds along the head to foot. Four of the strap… Read More »149 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 2

Double Bed

Brian’s Original Queen Bed Build Project

Brian the artist/ woodworker from New Orleans, was good enough to share photos and a stop motion video of his build for plan #111, the Original Queen Bed Project. Being the clever artist/ woodworker that he is, came up with a brilliant idea to support the headrest. The modified design lets a person lean back against the headrest to read. As an added bonus you get a small corner ledge that works well for holding your favorite beverage. The bed was built for a friend/… Read More »Brian’s Original Queen Bed Build Project