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Free Cam Clamp Plan

Shop Made Cam Clamp Put the squeeze on high priced clamps with these free cam clamp plans. …. Just make your own You can construct as many clamps as you require in varying lengths and at huge cost savings. I saw a picture and description of these clamps on Instructable’s that were designed by Mike […]

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100 Mortising Jig

The Mortising Jig This plan 100 mortising jig is the easiest way to create mortises in the ends or sides of rails and stiles. The jig was designed to make use of shop-made floating (loose) tenon joinery. When mounted on your workbench it provides a stable accurate platform to rout your mortises on the ends […]

FREE PLANS Shop-made Jigs

071 3 IN 1 Planing Jig (Free)

3 IN 1 Planing Jig (Free)For years now I have made and used three separate jigs when using a hand plane. By combining all three into one I have now saved valuable wall space (where I hang my jigs) and the convenience of having all three planing jigs available in one place. The first part […]

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064 Coping Sled Jig

Shop-made tool The coping jig sled is a basic design that I saw advertised commercially for $90.00. I felt it could be built in the shop for $15 – 20.00 including the cost of this inexpensive plan 🙂 so I drew it up. The advantage I see with this style of jig as opposed to the […]