Nesting Tables – Plan #019

A perfect addition to any home. This set of finely crafted nesting tables are simple yet elegant. Designed to easily store in a relatively small footprint yet always available when required. Give them a try today! Happy Woodworking    

Contemporary Table-Bench #002

This outdoor table/ bench is designed for outdoor use. Cedar would be an excellent choice for any outdoor project. This is a very simple build with only five unique parts multiplied over and over. Have Fun…. happy woodworking    

001 Simple Folding Side Table

Simple Folding Side Table   A simple folding table that could be build in a weekend. Whether you use it indoors or out this small 15” x15″ table will be a handy addition to your household.       Save Save Save

Lego Table (Build & Store) #196

This lego table was designed for my grand kids, Cole and Jace. They needed a place to not only build their lego but store the pieces that weren’t being used at the time. Hopefully it will keep most of the mess off the floor. We’ll see 🙂 It is a very simple design that anyone could build with a minimum of tools and woodworking experience. My son wants to come to the shop so we can build it together which would be a win win… Read More »Lego Table (Build & Store) #196

104 Folding (TV or Travel) Table: For People on the Go

Folding TV Table I’m not sure how authentic this folding table is as far as being a period piece of furniture. However, the craftsman of that era: were certainly skilled enough to make something similar. The designed on the same premise as the folding stool just simpler. Kind of like the old TV tables that used to be around the same ones I ate many meals on growing up. When set up measures approximately 30” x 36” and yet folds down to 4” thick when transporting… Read More »104 Folding (TV or Travel) Table: For People on the Go

Convertible Table-Bench

118 Convertible Table or Bench

Convertible Picnic Table or Bench   This convertible bench – table is great when you are limited for space on a small deck or a campsite easily convert your bench into a picnic table or table into a bench whatever you need at the time. Made entirely from construction lumber or if you want to dress it up you may want to use cedar. The overall construction of this project is quite basic but accuracy it very important. There has to be clearance while converting from… Read More »118 Convertible Table or Bench

Half-Lap Coffee Table #195

Half-Lap Table A simple, easy to build coffee table that works as either an indoor or outdoor project. The frame is assembled using panhead woodscrews in counterbored holes. The holes are plugged prior to the finish application. All of the slats are joined with half-lap joints, for strength and appearance.   Happy Woodworking!  

Bridle Joint Table #194

 The Bridle Joint Table I came across a picture of this simple table and thought it would make a great easy to build side table. The construction is quite simple and consists of only seven different parts. If you have a store bought or shop made tenoning jig it will come in very handy on this project to cut the bridle joint. To simplify construction, most of the joinery and any curves are cut prior to cutting the 10 degree miters. You will be pleased… Read More »Bridle Joint Table #194

189 Folding Deck Table

Folding Table This little table is really convenient to have. It provides a great table for around a pool or take to a picnic. It gives you a place for your favorite food and beverage during a social event or just relaxing in your backyard. I used a hardwood for the structure and Cedar for the top slats. A nice bonus is the fact that it folds up neatly, with a carrying handle for travel or easy storage. Material list and step by step instructions… Read More »189 Folding Deck Table

186 Folding Side Table

This simple folding side table was designed for my nephew to use by his pool. Its is constructed with a secondary wood like Poplar for the legs which will be painted and Cedar for the top and frame. The majority of the wood is decking material. The table will live outside during the summer and be stored away for thewinter months. Therefore It folds for easy convenient storage Happy Woodworking!.