A Plan is Just a Starting Point

Modified TV Cabinet Plan: A plan is just a starting point   Tony B., one of our woodworking com-padres sent me this picture of the television cabinet he built from plan #029. As I’ve always believed a plan is just a starting point when it comes to woodworking. Everyone has their own ideas and needs of what the cabinet should look like when it’s completed. Tony modified the Sketchup file to suit his purpose and headed to the shop. Here’s Tony’s story. Hi Bruce, thought… Read More »A Plan is Just a Starting Point

TV Stand #177

The 70” TV Stand was built as a replacement for our family room. Its overall dimensions are 20” deep x 70” long and 30” high. The cabinet features 3 open areas between the two tops for components and accessories. In addition there are 4 drawers and two barn style sliding doors. Behind the doors are 3 shelves for hidden storage. The inset drawers were designed to use of drawer slides. (1/2” space on each side of the drawer box). The top and sub-top have a… Read More »TV Stand #177

Entertainment Unit

144 Modular Entertainment Center

Modular Entertainment Center This modular entertainment center was created for my youngest son. He wanted a cabinet that was large enough to fit his large screen TV (future purchase) and provide storage for whatever. The open shelves in the towers and the six drawers should suit his needs perfectly. The project is a modular construction and constructed in three section. So you can easily build just the components that suit your needs or space. He also wanted the center unit to protrude so he could swivel… Read More »144 Modular Entertainment Center


029 Wide Screen Television Cabinet

Television Cabinet I finally broke down and purchased a large screen television for the family. Which was great as it gave me reason to design and build a new cabinet to set it on. Strangely I still have not sat down and watched a show as I’m not much of a television person. The oak cabinet was built to hold a 54” flat screen but I’m sure you could put something bigger on it if required. There is sufficient room for A/V components with storage space… Read More »029 Wide Screen Television Cabinet