Thin Strip Ripping Jig #027

Thin Strip Ripping Jig

My name is Bruce and I’m a jig addict….. 🙂 Thin Strip Ripping Jig

I really do love jigs both using them and building them. Anytime I find one that I feel would be useful, I will usually draw up a plan and then try and refine it so I can get the most out of it. If you ever cut edging for plywood projects or just have a need to cut thin strips of material safely, this jig will work for you. The jig locks in your miter slot before the blade and after you set the width of strip you want to make. The jig also acts as a mini feather board to keep you board against the fence while you cut the strip of material. It is easily adjustable for you width of cut and an optional scale lets you set you width quickly and accurately.

This Strip Jig PDF #027 … $2.95


Ripping Jig Sketchup File #S-027 $ 3.95


PDF & Sketchup Jig Bundle #PDSU-027 $4.83


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