Three Legged Table #043

Three Legged End TableThree Legged Table

Looking for a stylish end table, this is the three legged project for you. A minimal build consisting of only five pieces, three of which are identical. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity there are enough challenging curves and dovetails to keep every woodworker satisfied. Everything centers around the triangular post that locks the legs together. I used CA glue to attach the glass top to the legs which worked out really well, Epoxy would work just as well. Sometimes CA glue dries up and becomes brittle. I also added a small piece of dark walnut to the top of each leg as this is what you see from the top and I wanted it to have a nice consistent dark color. Any glue that comes out from under the top of the leg can be easily scrapped off with a sharp chisel.  The toughest part is aligning the top so it is evenly spaced on the legs.

I built this unit for my wife. We had a circular wicker table that eventually collapsed. I salvaged the glass top and made up the base to come up with this style of table. I did receive several brownie points for this one 🙂 

Have fun with this table it’s harder than it looks!

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