Tiled Coffee Table #013

Tiled Coffee Table

The first time I built this project was for my sister-in-law. It is very sturdy construction with mortise and tenon joinery at every intersection. The overall size is 24 x 50 inches which suits the majority of family or living rooms. The hefty 2” x 2” legs provide a very stable base and the corner bead adds a touch of class. The end panels have curved stiles which add to that decorative flair. The through tenon in the lower shelf, besides being very attractive, adds a great deal of strength and eliminates any racking that could occur. And of course the ceramic tile on the top not only makes the table very practical being able to set drinks on it without worry it also looks great. The table was constructed using Red Oak however any material will work for this project. The idea of having the tiles mounted in the top are a great way to add your own (or the customers personality become part of the table.

Coffee Table PDF Plan #013 Just $ 5.95

Tiled T PDF

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Sketchup File

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Tiled T Bundle

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