Tiled Table Set #143

Tiled Table Set Tiled Table Set

My in-laws have a beautiful set of tiled Teak coffee and end tables with a ceramic inlay. Although not shown here all of the edges are rounded over with a 3/8”curve. The tables look so smooth and streamline with the gentle curved edges I wanted to make a set. So I took some pictures and measurements from their tables and came up with this plan. The tile makes the tables so practical and yet it is not overwhelming and looks great.

Ninety percent of the table is made with 1” thick material which really gives the table a solid, grounded look. The joinery is all beefy mortise and tenon construction so you could sit on the table which happens in some places, without worry of a joint failure.

The original tables were built using Teak however any hardwood would do, so you can build it to suit your taste and environment. The top is attached with table top fasteners that fit in slots cut into the side and end rails. This will allow for any seasonal movement and we all know that wood moves so you have to take that into consideration when constructing any piece of furniture.

Have fun, this tiled table set will serve you well for many years.

Tiled Table Set PDF Plan #143 ………………….. $ 7.95

Table Set (PDF)

Tiled Table Sketchup File ONLY #S-143 …….. $ 8.95

Tables (Sketchup) Purchase both and $AVE 30%

Table Set Bundle #PDSU-143 ………………….. $11.83

Tables Bundled



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