Wood Turning with Tim Yoder


Wood Turning Episodes with Tim Yoder

An entertaining series on turning with a master. Tim’s comedic approach to turning makes for great viewing.
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Season 2 Episode 18: Sandblasting

Season 2 Episode 17: Making a Sphere

Season 2 Episode 16: The Grinder

Season 2 Episode 15 …. Thin Walled Madrone Bowl

Season 2 Episode 14 …. Drink Covers

Season 2 Episode 13 … Laser Kit Christmas Ornament

Season 2 Episode 12 … Finial Box

Season 2 Episode 8 … Captive Wedding Ring Goblet

Season 2 Episode 7 ….. Tim Answers Your Questions

Season 2 Episode 6 ….. 2 Piece Hollow Vessel

Season 2 Episode 5 ….. Winged Bowl Part 2

Season 2 Episode 4 … Making a Winged Bowl

Season 2 Episode 3 … Making a Mouse

Season 2: Episode 2 … Turning a Paper Towel Holder

Season 2: Episode 1 … Turning a Lidded Box

Episode 24: Turning a Ginormus Platter (Part 2)

Episode 23: Turning a Ginormus Platter (Part 1)

Episode 22: Turning A Threaded Bolt & Nut

Episode 21: Making A Cigar Holder

Episode 20: A Useful Kitchen Spatula

Episode 19: The Perfect Alarm Clock

Episode 18:  A Christmas Tree

Episode 17: Make an Inside Out Ornament

Episode 16:  Making A Turkey Leg Napkin Holder

Episode 15: Making Mushroom

Episode 14: Turn A Jack-O-Lantern

Tim Yoder Episode 13: Making a Change and Key Holder

Handy for any household, this clever project has a lesson or two for turners. Learn some tips for off-center face plate turning, and as always, pick up tips on detailing a spindle turning.

Tim Yoder Episode 12: Cylindrical Box with a Drawer

Tim makes an attractive cylindrical box and then turns a cylindrical drawer (from a complimentary color wood) to fit into the box. Clever and beautiful.

Episode 11: Making A Garden Dibble

Episode 10: Make a Spinning Top

Episode 9: Make a Tulipwood Salt Cellar

Episode 8: Turning a Roman Canteen with Tim Yoder

Episode 7: Turning a Coffee Scoop,

Episode 6: A turned Bird House with Tim Yoder

Episode 5: A twice turned bowl

Episode 4: Tim Yoder

Episode 3: Tim Yoder

Episode 2:

Premiere Episode: Wood Turning

Bonus Video Understanding Wood Turning Tools with Steve Shanesy

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