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142 Twin Folding Bed

TWIN Bed in a Box

To complete the line of Bed in a box designs and at the request of followers of the website I have finalized the Twin bed.

The twin bed is designed to hold a mattress which is 38” x 74 ½”. This size worked out perfectly it even has extra storage space when the unit is in the box configuration.

I increased the slat size to ¾” thick because of the extra width without a center support. I also cut down on the number of hinges because there are only two points that have to fold on itself.

The dovetailed slats add tremendous strength to the structure of the bed and can be made with standard size boards (1” x 4” nominal) without as much waste as compared to the wider slats in some of the other beds.

Hopefully with this last bed in the series everyone will find one that suits their needs.

If you would like to compare this bed with the others that are available you can do so with the following links. King, Queen, Double, Single, Compact. Whichever style you choose, enjoy the projects and the woodworking that it entails.

Happy Woodworking!

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