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A site dedicated to woodworking plans, jigs and techniques


REMINDER: If you download a Sketchup file you must have the Sketchup program installed on your computer.

Sketchup is FREE 3D drawing software that you can download HERE


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Checkout Furnitude’s series on building the Tage Frid inspired “Three Legged Stool HERE


These are all plans I have drawn at some point since 1998 for my own use or at the request of customers and now they are available to you. All plans are available in a PDF format. or as a Sketchup file so you can modify the plan to suit your needs it may be purchased from $2.95 – $8.95 depending on the complexity of the drawing for any of the furniture, jigs or shop made tool plans shown on the website. If you purchase both the PDF and Sketchup file you will save an additional 30 percent. There are now over 120 plans to choose from, not to mention the 350 or so free plans and jigs available to registered users. The free plans are not my drawings just free plans I have saved  since I started woodworking several years ago.


I will email you a members only password so you can access the free plans and jigs.  As a small thank you, you will also receive an instructional PowerPoint presentation “Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy” that I made awhile back. 

WARNING: Making Bandsaw Boxes can become habit forming! :)

As woodworkers we are always looking for new ideas either for ourselves or for family, friends and clients. That is the reason I have decided to share what I have drawn up. So load your new plan on your I-pad, laptop, or whatever or just print them off and head to the shop.    Some of the plans are one of a kind, some are from pictures I’ve seen while looking for plans and some are designs I have drawn up for other folks.

You will require a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader to open the plans. Just click the icon below for the free download. If you prefer to use the Sketchup files you can download the free version of Sketchup (2015) here.

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Thanks for dropping by, come back soon.

Bruce (Wood Chuck) 3D Woodworking Plans.com                                                                                         

21 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Bruce,

    Is it possible in the future to be able to make it to where when folks order a plan, that it’s possible to have a link available under our account for future downloads, especially if the plan has been modified? I bought the double bed-in-a-box awhile ago and I know the plans have been modified since then. Or is it easier for you on your end that we just keep the plans in our emails?


    1. Hi Liam
      That would be a fantastic idea unfortunately the service I use for digital downloads doesn’t support such a feature. As this was the first time I’ve had to make a major change to a plan it was a learning curve for everyone. I did contact everyone that had a working email address that had purchased one of the affected plans and included that parts that changed. I also posted a notice on the website regarding the models affected by the modification. Unfortunately some of the email addresses provided I wasn’t able to contact. The downloads time out after 24 hours, however if you contact me I can rest the download link or sent it to you directly whatever works best for you. I hope this answers your question.Happy Woodworking Bruce

    1. @mberghold
      I sent you a private email last Sunday at 8:57. This is your welcome letter that I send after you register and contains a special password so you can access the free plans. You may want to check your junk / spam file as it may have been blocked by your email server. If you add my email address to your contacts any future emails will go through. I will resend the introduction letter today just in case. Thank you for your purchase as well. Bruce (Wood Chuck)

    1. Hi Lainey
      I just sent you a private email that provides the “SPECIAL” password required to access the free plans. It is not your original WordPress password.
      You should be good to go with the proper access.
      Let me know if you have any further issues.
      Bruce (Woodchuck)

        1. Hi Lainey
          We’re getting further -:) the registered members link should take you to Google Docs that is where most of the free plans, jigs and articles are now stored. I moved them to that location to save space on my website server. If you just click on the file folder under any of the visible directories you should see a list of free plans that you can download or open. Good Luck.

  2. after changing the password, I was able to connect again, but I do not know if this password is the same on the opening of the plans, or in a file that I received is different paswoord.This password I do not open.I have problem is to open the file image002.emz do not know in which program to open it and program it to me himself open.

  3. registration after I changed the password, now can not go on any plans or when you enter your password the first emailu.Na page but log in without any problems

  4. Bruce,

    I love the website and look forward to being able to complete some of these projects. I am having an issue accessing the free plans, though. Paid ones, not an issue. The password that was sent to me in my welcome email allowed me to register to the site, but it will not open any of the plans. What do i need to do to fix that issue?


  5. Hello
    When I connect to the link you send on the introductory pdf I have access to a few folders. Which ones )if any) are the free ones and how do I download them.?
    I’m looking for a simple homemade dovetail jig…
    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

    1. Hi you have access to all of those files, I just put them in alphabetical sequence as I upload up more.
      You can right click on any of them and click save as or just click on the file to open it and then save under the file menu
      I do have dovetail jigs on the site as well that might interest you. Just search all plans using dovetail as the key word.

    1. Adrian
      If you are trying to access the free (protected plans) , you will need to use the password I just sent you with your new member registration letter. Let me know if you still have problems after trying that.

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