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Will be the purchase option for most indiviuals. All of these plans will require a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader to open all PDF plans. If you prefer to use the Sketchup drawings you can download the free version of Sketchup Make here for a limited time.


Are meant to be used by individuals that are familier with the software. It is an amazing 3d drawing software that is free to non-commercial users. Be Advised: Sketchup will not run on mobile devices. All of the Sketchup files available here will not open on your computer unless you have Sketchup installed on your computer.

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A Custom Design Service is Available…. 

“Your ideas can be converted to a usable plan”

Free Plans: Are plans that I have created or downloaded from various places and have found very useful in my own shop and I just want to share.

IMPORTANT: The majority of the plans on 3dwoodworkingplans.com are designed for woodworkers that are familiar with the basics in woodworking. The plans provide you with all of the required information and details to build the project, however like some plans that are available, they do not give you step by step instruction. Which pieces need to be made first and the order of operation are not laid out for you. You need a basic understanding of furniture construction.

Downloadable Only. Plans available on 3D Woodworking Plans are available for download ONLY. They are produced in both a PDF format as well as the original Sketchup Drawing! They are not available in a printed format.

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