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NEW Standard King Size Folding Bed Plan #150

Version-II of the Queen Size Folding Bed Plan #149

Version 2 of the Double Folding Bed Plan #148


Queen Bed in a Box V-IIPlans are available in a PDF format or if you prefer you can

download the original Sketchup drawing

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California King     Queen     Double     Single    

plus a Compact Single 

Twin Bed,    Double Version 2 and

a Queen V-II & now  A Standard (Eastern) King

Additional Portable Period Style Furniture

004 Folding Stool     103 Gothic Style Bench     106 Directors Chair

108 Dining Table     109 Table & Benches

110 Strong Box     119 Throne     132 Triangular Chair

Folding/ Adjustable Sawhorse #141 …. Just $1.00

Adjustable SawhorseSpecial project in mind? I will work with you to develop a set of working plans.

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As woodworkers we are always looking for new ideas either for ourselves or for family, friends and clients. That is the reason I have decided to share what I have drawn up. So load your new plan on your I-pad, laptop, or whatever you have or just print them off and head to the shop.    Some of the plans are one of a kind, some are from pictures I’ve seen while searching for ideas and some are designs I have drawn up as commissions.

You will require a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader to open the plans. Just click the icon below for the free download. If you prefer to use the Sketchup files you can download the free version of Sketchup here.


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  1. Hi. The other day I ordered 4 of your plans of which two I was able to download and save for future use. For some reason my computer would not allow me to download the single bed in a box nor the camp stool. Could you resend and maybe I can download them this time around. Thanks Jon Posey

    1. Jon
      Thank you for the awesome order. I’m sorry you had an issue downloading, I don’t usually have any problems. I will email you the plans directly to make sure you have them.
      Thanks again for the business.

  2. Beautiful work! I browse and dream. I’m one of those who can modify the house, build furniture and leave my chair, exhausted to fix dinner. In my browsing I’ve become enamored with The Tiny House. And I do find it quite applicable to many downsizing…and getting rid of so much junk! Anyway, I immediately thought: He should advertise at the Tiny House sites (a suggestion). How about a folding table that stands against a wall (where ever) but while still upright with table top hangs down hiding the legs, now occuping a space the width of the table (generally 36″ – 48″) but the now top is only 10″ – 12″ deep, and the table halves would be 17.25″, 23.25″, 29.25″ depending on the desired length of the table, and has a flat top that may be utilized as a shelf if desired. Tiny houses would love that. Oh, with two collapsible benches. No, i’m not buying *sigh*. However, if that doggoned ship ever comes in, I’ll need one when I finally get to build the Tiny House. Blessings to you and yours. Magnificent work!!