119 Throne Fit for a Lady or Lord

Fit for a Lord or Lady

I was searching for ideas that I thought might be useful to re-creators of times gone by when I came across a picture of a throne similar to this. I still wanted the throne to be transportable so I added the through tenons with the locking pins which should do the trick. The chair breaks down into 4 sub-assemblies so moving it from camp to camp shouldn’t be an issue.

Woodworkers for centuries have depended on the mortise and tenon for strong joinery and this throne is no exception. All of the sub-assemblies are connected with through M & T joinery with a unique locking pin that easily secures the parts together. Mortise and tenon are also used to hold each of the components together in the sub-assemblies. There are a few mechanical (Wood screws) joints but they are hidden on the inside of the chair and will only be seen by the person putting the chair together.

When I was drawing the throne I was thinking hardwood as the main material however to keep the weight down, I’m sure a good softwood would work as well.

The seat sits just over 18” from the ground which is pretty average, so if the person using the chair is of short stature you may want to add a footrest to the lower front rail or lower the overall dimensions to suit your personal needs.

I have provided templates for the curved parts which should simplify the construction for you.

Either way I believe this will be a fun project to build and show off. Now you can overlook your kingdom in style!

Enjoy and happy woodworking!

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