087 Gumball Dispenser

Looking for a fun project, that will make a great conversation piece no matter where you have it this gumball dispenser will certainly make a conversation piece even if you don’t use it for candy. Leave it on your bar for the big kids or in the playroom for the real kids.

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A similar project was published in a local woodworking magazine I thought it would make a great project for the grandchildren so I redrew it and added a couple of useful features.

I took the liberty of embellishing their simple project and adding what I felt were necessary enhancements. You will need to locate a mason jar or similar with a neck diameter of 2 ¾” or adjust the top block to suit your gumball jar.

The gumball machine is simply a stack of blocks with holes in the right location to drop the gumballs when you spin the dispensing wheel.

I added a catch tray for the gumballs, a notched dispensing wheel and a locking mechanism which drives a thumbscrew into the cog on the dispensing wheel so little hands can’t empty the machine on their own. You really do want to control their sugar intake.

A fun project for any woodworker and it will certainly be appreciated by the younger generation.

Have Fun!

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