182 Box Joint Jig is designed: for the router table

This box joint jig is …. designed to work in a standard router table.

The pre-set insert plates make consistent 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” box joints. You simply insert the appropriate router bit and offset template for the size of box joint required.
Jig shown on table from plan 167

I would suggest having three sacrificial fences to avoid tear-out. The jig locks in the miter track of your router table with a simple tapered head machine bolt in an expandable miter slot guide.

The slot for the offset plate in the horizontal fence and the offset templates themselves must be made accurately.

Because the fence follows its own mitered slot the cuts are very consistent.
Rather than spend over a $100 dollars for a commercial model this jig can easily be built for under $20. Enjoy,

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