003 BBQ Grill Cart

  BBQ Grill Cart

A look inside!

Who doesn’t need a BBQ grill cart?

It provides a great work area and prep station. Now you can have all of your condiments in one place. A built in cutting board and storage for all of your supplies. How great is that?

Constructed using cedar (Just my suggestion) which is perfect for outdoor projects. The grill cart also has a handle, towel rack, shelves and wheels so you can easily move it around or closer to you BBQ, The cutting board lifts out so it can be easily cleaned and the slats a spaced out enough that water won’t lay on your new cart.

The assembly is easy to put together so you can start enjoying your BBQ cart even sooner. Have Fun!

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152 Chinese Checkers Game Board

Drilling Template (Print)

The game of Chinese checkers has been around forever. It is a very simple game to play yet provides hours of great family fun.

Chinese Checkers Game

The game board sits down from the top edge in a dado, so the marbles can’t roll off if they come out of the holes.
I would suggest using MDF or a good birch plywood for the playing surface so that seasonal movement doesn’t affect the frame.

You will get lots of drilling practice with this project but to make it easier I have included a drilling template that you just have to photocopy and lay over the board and drill away. There is also a storage drawer to keep your marbles when not in use. It held closed with a magnet and has an internal fixed lid so the marbles stay in the tray when you’re moving it around. I added corner splines for strength and appearance they are recommended, but optional.

When it’s time to paint the play area, if you tape off 3 of the colored triangles, spray paint them the various colors, and then when that dries you can repeat the process for the rest. The hardwood around the edge is your choice, I would suggest a fancier wood just to jazz up the game. I’ve shown it here with purpleheart.

I have included the rules for playing Chinese checkers in case you have forgotten.

Work safely but have fun in the shop. Happy woodworking!

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049 Plinko Candy Dispenser (FREE)

This  Plinko candy dispenser was created by Steve Ramsay from Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

Plinko Candy Dispenser

Plinko candy dispenser

I just re-drew his plan candy dispenser plan because I thought it would be fun to draw. What a great project for a grandparent or parent that is looking for a unique gift. You could adjust it so that it holds ping pong balls or something similar if you do want to add to their sugar intake. Either way have fun with this project. It might make a great project to build with your kids as well.

I know everyone in the family will enjoy this unique project and what a great conversation piece.

All for FREE
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095 Shut-the-Box Game

Great fun for the holidays or anytime the family gets together!

 A great way to have family fun during the holidays. Easy to build and even easier to play. The game can be played by one person or several so you can have competitions. Using the dice roll numbers to flip the levers up until you have completed 

This simple game is also great for building math skills with younger children even though they don’t realize they’re learning. Really it’s great fun for anyone. Each game only takes two or three minutes to play so it will hold anyone’s interest, even those with a short attention span 🙂

The Play

01 Shut the Box Game

Shut the Box can be played by any number of players although it is most enjoyable with two, three or four.  Some people even play the game solo as a pastime akin to patience.  As played traditionally in English pubs, Shut the Box is a gambling pastime with each of the players paying an agreed amount into the “pool” at the beginning and the winner collecting the pool at the end of each round.  However, it isn’t necessary to gamble in order to play the game.

A round of the game consists of each player taking one turn.  A player’s takes a turn by repeatedly throwing the dice until the player cannot continue.  Each throw of the dice is taken as follows:

If 7, 8 and 9 are all covered, the player decides whether to throw one die or two.   If any of these 3 numbers are still uncovered, the player must use both dice.  The player throws the die or dice into the box and adds up the pips.  The player must then cover up a set of unique uncovered numbers that add up to the sum thrown.  So for instance, if the total pips is 8, the player may choose one of the following sets of numbers as long as all of the numbers in the set are available to be covered:

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087 Gumball Dispenser

Looking for a fun project, that will make a great conversation piece no matter where you have it this gumball dispenser will certainly make a conversation piece even if you don’t use it for candy. Leave it on your bar for the big kids or in the playroom for the real kids.

01 Main View

A similar project was published in a local woodworking magazine I thought it would make a great project for the grandchildren so I redrew it and added a couple of useful features.

I took the liberty of embellishing their simple project and adding what I felt were necessary enhancements. You will need to locate a mason jar or similar with a neck diameter of 2 ¾” or adjust the top block to suit your gumball jar.

The gumball machine is simply a stack of blocks with holes in the right location to drop the gumballs when you spin the dispensing wheel.

I added a catch tray for the gumballs, a notched dispensing wheel and a locking mechanism which drives a thumbscrew into the cog on the dispensing wheel so little hands can’t empty the machine on their own. You really do want to control their sugar intake.

A fun project for any woodworker and it will certainly be appreciated by the younger generation.

Have Fun!

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084 Foosball Table: Great Family Fun!

Tabletop or Free Standing 26″ x 48″ Foosball Table

Foosball Table

02 Foosball Table

This Foosball ball table started out as an item on my wish list for the family. I felt the table would make great entertainment when the families got together for any occasion.

I looked on line for any information I could find on Foosball and discovered there where as many variations as there were responses to the search engine.

I wanted a design a Foosball game that was convertible from a free standing table to a tabletop model. It also had to have the creature comforts like a ball return and a place to set you favorite beverage while you beat your opponent or worse lost your bragging rights. J

The table for Foosball is from what I discovered to be regulation size 25 ¾” x 48” and stands 32” from the floor to the player handles. I thought if I could remove the leg assembly easily the table could be lowered to a coffee table or the floor so the grand children or younger kids could play as well.

The players are easy to make however I’m sure you could buy them and the game ball from a craft/ game store. I also found bicycle hand grips fit the ¾” dowel perfectly and usually come in a variety of colors.

Enjoy family entertainment center!

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