096 Last Man Standing Game

Last Man Standing Game

The Last Man Standing game consists of a playing area with 15 holes and 14 pegs. Anyone of the holes can be left empty to begin the game. The player then continues by jumping their peg over an adjacent peg in any direction into an empty hole, continuing to jump over an adjacent peg until they can no longer make a move. You can only jump one peg at a time but never over an empty hole. To add a little more difficulty you can set a time limit for each player to make their move. The game provides great family fun or just a good time waster 🙂

Storage Compartment

The playing surface consists of two main pieces the top and a base that has a storage compartment for the pegs when not in use. I made one for each of the families that were coming for Christmas to take home and enjoy. Once you get setup you can batch these games out in a very short time frame.

I have included a drilling layout sheet for the to make your construction easier.

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