196 Lego Table (Build & Store)

This lego table was designed for my grand kids, Cole and Jace. They needed a place to not only build their lego but store the pieces that weren’t being used at the time. Hopefully it will keep most of the mess off the floor. We’ll see 🙂

It is a very simple design that anyone could build with a minimum of tools and woodworking experience.

My son wants to come to the shop so we can build it together which would be a win win for me.

Enjoy the build, Happy woodworking!


127 Lego Storage & Build Area

My grandson is a lucky boy, he has a very complete set of Lego building blocks. My daughter-in-law asked if I could construct two rolling boxes for his Lego, one drawer would be for storage and one to use as a tray so he could build on it and then put it away under his bed when he was done playing. Not that Cole was concerned about being tidy and putting it away he was just trying to stop his younger sibling from destroying his projects.

The drawers are a very basic yet sturdy construction with box joint joinery and Baltic birch plywood construction. Each drawer travels on five small castors which a concealed underneath, the two castors at the rear are fixed and the middle and front castors swivel so he can steer the drawer when putting it away. Because the drawers are quite large and you need 10 castors the cost to build this project is approximately $100. The Lego building block fronts are purely decorative and constructed with plywood for the drawer front and a solid wood for each of the faux discs. I attached the discs using glue and screws from the inside face to keep them in place. The

Lego false fronts are screwed from inside the drawer box and are removable so they can be changed to his next hobby or to a standard drawer front. It also makes them a whole lot easier to paint in the child’s favorite color. The measurements for these drawers are designed to fit a twin sized bed but can be easily adapted to suit your needs. Be sure to round over all of the exposed top edges so they are gentle on the little hands.

Lego Storage

Overall this is a great, easy to build project that shouldn’t take much more than a weekend to build. The Lego storage drawers will be a useful addition to any child’s bedroom.

Have fun and happy woodworking!

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