120 ROS Sanding Disc Organizer

Sanding Disc Organizer

Recently while working on a project I was sorting through my sanding discs and realized there had to be a better way to organize my discs to save time and better control of available grits.

I wanted a holder that attached to the wall to save valuable drawer space, keep them sorted by grit and also I could tell at a glance if I was getting low on a particular grid.

The result is this swiveling stand that hangs on the wall where each holder swings out of the way of the shelf above it making for easy access. The holders of the sanding disc organizer swing 70 degrees to the right or left of center.

This particular sanding disc holder was designed for 5” sanding pads with an eight-hole pattern but it can easily be modified to suit whatever discs you use in your shop.

To simplify the construction I have included a cutting template for the curved sanding disc holders. If you use a six inch random orbital sander or one that uses a 5-hole disc, your dowel post drilling pattern will have to vary to match your sanding discs.

A fun weekend project that will definitely get a lot of use in my shop.

Happy Woodworking!

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