138 Dice Tumbler (Free Plan)

This free Dice Tumbler plan was designed purely for fun. If you’re looking for a fun build that is easy to construct you have found it.


The project can be made using shop scraps or nice wood the choice is yours.

The concept, like any other dice tower is to make sure the dice spin, rotate and change orientation. They must have enough room to change position as they travel through the tumblers. I added plexiglass to the front so you can watch the dice as they drop through.

Having a large catch tray at the exit enough to handle several dice at once. Curved sides allow easy access to the dice when they have finished their journey. You may want to round over the edges of the tray so there are no sharp edges. The tray also folds up when not in use for easier storage.

No longer will you hear “That wasn’t a fair roll” when playing your favorite board game.

Have fun with your new Dice Tumbler!

Dice Tumble

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